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A different type of bookclub!

Book ExplorInk

Over two 60-minute live episodes, you’ll hear a book overview, have lively discussion about the book, and through journaling, explore how you relate and connect to the book (using prompts from within, or created from, the book).
So, you can buy after you try - that's the twist!


Book ExplorInk is hosted by Holistic Journaling's Founder, Jill Grumbache.
But - BONUS! - From time to time, the author will join us and provide the synopsis and information about their book!

WHEN: Tuesday evenings from 7-8:00p Eastern Standard Time

We'll cover: 2x books per month | 6 books per quarter | 18 book per year

  • The topics of HJI’s Book ReviewInk fall within these categories:

    • Journaling, Wellness Psychology, Awareness & Personal Growth

  • The HJI’s Book ExplorInk will  provide women:

    • Inspiration | Education | Motivation | Self-discovery | Improved Mental, Physical, and Emotional Health and Wellness | Awareness and knowledge about awesome books!

See our lineup and register to attend

Tuesday, November  22nd & 29th

The New Creative Journal
by Anne-Marie Jobin

In our society, we are so often focused on the external, and this creates a lack of connection to our inner world. And yet, in order to be in sync with ourselves, to hear our own questions and answers, it’s towards this inner world that we must turn.


New Creative Journaling™ is a method aimed precisely at creating that bridge: using the three languages - writing, drawing and collage - it allows us to access the unconscious which ultimately leads us back to ourselves, to our creativity.


This unique tool, accessible to all regardless of artistic “talent,” facilitates insight and decision-making, which contribute greatly to a feeling of power over our many life choices. This comprehensive, easy to understand, and therapeutic book includes all the techniques of New Creative Journaling,™ as well as a variety of exercises, and an overview of its foundational theories. It will help guide you in developing the most enlightening, inspiring, and soothing practice possible.


2023 Date TBD

Writing for Emotional Balance with author,
Beth Jacobs, Ph.D.

Writing for Emotional Balance: A Guided Journal to Help You Manage Overwhelming Emotions

When you've decided you can't take it any more, it helps a great deal to know what it actually is. The process of writing about overwhelming emotions is a remarkably effective means of creating clarity and perspective in your life. Regular journal writers and diarists rely on their writing to help them keep their emotions in perspective; this book distills the best emotional benefits of regular personal writing into a series of engaging and easy-to-practice writing exercises.
Journaling can help balance and regulate your emotions. This book, a guided journal, combines the benefits of journaling practice with sound and practical advice. It gives you information, ideas, and active exercises that can help you feel more comfortable and directed in your emotional life.
While exploring these writing exercises, you'll discover how to understand the processes of your own emotional system and how to think clearly about your feelings as they happen. As a result, you'll experience a greater sense of flexibility within yourself and an ongoing confidence in how you live with your emotions.
Learn and Practice the Seven Essential Skills of Emotion Management:


  • Distance yourself from your emotions

  • Define what your emotions mean for you

  • Release blocked and conflicted feelings

  • Regain focus while experiencing overwhelming emotions

  • Use structure and organization to clarify feelings

  • Regroup after an emotional set back

  • Maintain your new skills and incorporate them into your life

Letting Go
Journal to Self
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