"I did not expect my thoughts would come from such a deep place within me.
I'm sure this is my
sub-conscious speaking more openly for me because of this class."  ~ Lori

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HJI offers basic and advanced courses. Basic courses provide journaling techniques & methodologies, advanced courses are in-depth and topic-specific.

Holistic Journaling group-courses & workshops can be held in person or via online techie-ness for companies, organizations, or friends in your living room.

You can live anywhere in the world and receive private, one-on-one consultations with Jill, thanks to the magic of technology.

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~ Hallelujah! Letting Go!


~ SelfSight


~ Journal to the Self


~ Journaling Through Transitions


~ Journal Your Inner Critic Speechless


~ Journaling for Caregivers


~ Journal Your Intuition to Life


~ Advanced Journaling for Creative Writers


~ Don't Sweat It:  Journal Your Way Through Menopause


~ Visual (Art) Journaling

~ Journal Stress into Submission

~ Travel Journaling

~ Journaling for Creative Writers

For Corporations, Businesses, and Orgs

~ HJI Business Journaling Program

~ Journaling Through Transitions


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Hallelujah! Letting Go!

A Holistic Journaling exclusive, and one of the most popular courses
created by Founder, Jill Grumbache.

This course teaches you a journaling process that understands, processes, and releases emotional baggage once and for all. Get rid of the real weight - live lighter, healthier and happier! 

FOR:  Women 25+

LENGTH: 16-hours | 8 weeks (2-hours per week)

FORMATS: Online live, Online self-paced, in-person group 


  • How to identify & clarify what no longer services you

  • How to let go of emotional baggage once and for all

  • Emotional Intelligence


  • A new personal freedom

  • Fresh insights into your Self

  • A new path forward

  • Better mental and physical health


As women, we carry more emotional baggage then we even care to admit, or know that we have. As it turns out, your body begins suffering physical symptoms when you hold unresolved emotional feelings inside. Research supports that the more the emotional baggage is stored internally, the worse it is for the body.

According to experts in mind and body medicine, our emotions affect our bodies because they’re linked to our bodies via our immune, endocrine, and central nervous systems.Nowhere is this demonstrated as clearly as heart disease (the leading killer of women), or depression and anxiety.

~ A 16-hour course offered as an 8-week course (2 hours per week), a full-weekend workshop, or private one-on-one sessions.



Radical Self Understanding

RSU, an original Holistic Journaling Ink course designed by Jill Grumbache, will instruct and inspire you to discover, explore, and harmonize all facets of your unique personality (sometimes called subpersonalities). This process course provides very useful benefits and facilitates growth toward your highest potential and most authentic Self.  

This is a journaling adventure that offers you enlightening insight into your Self. It's founded in the belief that Self-awareness and the cultivation of inner harmony are invaluable tools for personal growth and, ultimately, for our world.


The importance of understanding the Self: To know, understand, and accept your Self is to have ultimate freedom. It sets you free to be your best you, to tap into untold inner resources, and to experience everything around you from a new, illuminated perspective.

Journal to the Self


Journal to the Self® is a 12-hour course on how to keep a journal for personal growth, creative expression, and life enrichment. You will learn 18 incredible techniques to journal in-depth or more casually while getting all the health and wellness benefits this tool can provide. 

It was created in 1985 by Kathleen Adams LPC, PTR, Director of the Center for Journal Therapy, Inc., an internationally known pioneer and expert in the power of writing to heal. 

More than 100,000 people around the globe have learned this easy, effective, empowering model of journal keeping. The workshop is adaptable to nearly any population, across the life span, and to nearly any special interest group.

Jill Grumbache is one within a worldwide network of Certified Instructors.

~ Offered as a 6-week course (2 hours per week), a one-day workshop, or private one-on-one sessions.


Journaling Through Transitions

Our lives move faster than ever before, and change is inevitable. When we go through change, often. we don’t have the time or tools to mentally or emotionally process our transitions. When we don’t process transitions, feelings accumulate like a bag of rocks that we have to around every day.

Journaling Through Transitions teaches you to navigate past & current changes. You will benefit from the new insights, rich lessons, and personal growth that you can find in change, and use this going forward for all the future transitions of your life. 


The course will also:

  • help you recognize the significance of your life transitions.

  • reveal the process of transition.

  • provide invaluable tools to navigate transitions.

  • enable you to thoroughly process transitions emotionally.

  • give you the freedom to move forward with a clearer vision and a lighter load.

~ A 16-hour course offered as an 8-week course (2 hours per week), a full-weekend workshop, or private one-on-one sessions.