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Holistic Journaling, Ink (HJI) brings you a renowned course:


With Certified Journaling Instructor, Jill Grumbache

Learn how journaling holistically & positively affects your health & well-being.
Discover journaling for the first time.
Take your current journaling to a surprising new level.

Journal to the Self was developed by author & journaling pioneer, Kathleen Adams.
Only a handful of people are certified to teach this course in Canada. This select group of instructors includes Jill Grumbache, who now makes her home in the Laurentians.

This course will help you discover the revelation of journaling or deepen & enhance the benefits of your current practice. You will learn & test-drive remarkable journaling techniques empirically proven to positively affect the health & wellness of your mind, body, and spirit.

Mindfulness techniques & guided meditations will enhance your journaling throughout the day.

"Jill is an excellent communicator, writer, and artist. These skills contribute to her unqiue take on & wonderful teaching about journaling. If you want to discover how much journaling can add to your life, her Holistic Journaling courses are for you!"
~ Lynn M.
"You will get so much out of this, I promise. Thanks, Jill, the self-discovery I realized from this course changed my life. I think everyone needs to know about your Holistic Journaling courses. "
~ Norma J.
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