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Previous Guests

Enormous gratitude goes out to these phenomenal women who have shared their knowledge, wisdom, and hearts. 

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10 Minutes to a Happier You, Start Your Day in a Positive Way

Special Guest:

Terri Lynn

#1 international Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Happiness Coach, and Corporate Trainer


April 21, 2021

7 pm Eastern Standard Time

Terri will demonstrate just how our thoughts affect the material world around us She'll share her story about how she made the decision to be happy in the midst of what felt like a living hell.


Terri will also point out how important our thoughts are in the creative process.  And last, but not least, she will talk about her tool to help raise our happiness level and generate good, positive feelings.


Question to the audience: What are the best thoughts to support the life you desire? Perhaps we can journal about that!

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To Do or To Be,

That is the question.

With Special Guest

Stacey Siekman

Sunday, April 25, 2021

10 am EST

We live in a world where DOING is admired much more than JUST BEING. This can leave us feeling discouraged and unempowered.


We are created to be human, not a doing-doing-doing productivity  machine. Allow Stacey to help you shift your perspective, moving from a Working-out Mentality (Do more, Be less) to a Working-IN Mentality (BE more, Do less).


Yes,  working out is necessary; but Working-IN is essential to achieving our ultimate potential.


You will discover how to bring 'being' back to the center of all doing.

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Whose Driving the Bus in Our Inner Conversation?

Special Guest:

Lisa J. Weiss

Evolutionary Alchemist, Founder I of the Storm Coaching & Consulting

April 28, 2021

7 pm Eastern Standard Time

This conversation will introduce participants to four states of Being, based on the Sensory Identification Cycle™ Model I developed, which impacts the internal and external conversations we have with ourselves and others.


Participants will have an opportunity to identify their potential underlying state of being and how it impacts the internal and external conversations we have. It will invite curiosity of Self, the relationship to the words we speak, and the vibration they hold in the body.


Emotional Intelligence

Special Guest:


Mansi Dholakia

CEO Global Mental Health Association (GMHA) l Holistic expert l EI trainer l World Peace Ambassador


April 18, 2021

10 am Eastern Standard Time

"I would love to teach an episode of Journaling Alone Together for Women about why understanding your emotions is essential."

Mansi will share not only that with us, but also the incredible benefits that are derived from having emotional intelligence.

She will also provide us tools to help us become more emotionally intelligent.

All this will lead to building a positive Mindset and hopefully an Empathetic Society.

 Certified Life and Intentional Movement Coach, Owner of Balanced Body Reflections, Author


March 24, 2021

7 pm