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Radical Inner Harmony (RIH) is an original Holistic Journaling Ink course designed by Founder, Jill Grumbache. This course instructs and inspires you to discover, explore, understand, and harmonize all facets of your unique personality.

Learn the purpose and process of various aspects of your Self and how to use them to your benefit.  

About Holistic Journaling Courses

All of Holistic Journaling's courses are designed for women.

They are best experienced in community because of the magic and connections inherent to Journaling Circles.

The ultimate mission of every course, in addition to all of the benefits you'll derive from journaling, is to cultivate in you deeper self-awareness and self-love.

Courses are offered periodically live online. If you would like to be kept informed about dates, please request to be on our mailing list. The minimum number of participants for any course is 6 women, if you have a group of 6 or more who would like to take any HJ course, please contact Jill about scheduling.


The various facets of your unique personality are called subpersonalities, and they are your inner orchestra. In this course, you will learn how to be a masterful conductor of your Self as we take a fascinating look at your subpersonalities and learn to understand and appreciate them using journaling as our key tool. 

We’ll go even further, learning how subpersonalities can work to support one another – so your inner orchestra can play in perfect harmony.


Radical Inner Harmony will help you:

  • Learn to love every aspect of who you are.

  • Become in better control of your whole Self.

  • Gain tremendous self-compassion.

  • Tap into untold inner resources.

  • Cultivate altruism.

  • Experience everything around you from a new, illuminated perspective.

  • Better understand your family and friends and the world around you.




 "I sincerely thank you, Jill, for allowing me this liberating understanding of ME.  I feel very empowered by this course. I would definitely recommend this course and add that Jill is a caring, dedicated instructor who truly will lead anyone down the path to a liberating view of themselves.”  ~ Annila

“Radical Inner Harmony provided me with information, knowledge, and a plan of action that brought me to a better understanding and acceptance of the 'authentic me'.

When I started the classes in this series with you, I was unsure of who could be the 'conductor' of my 'inner orchestra'. By the end of the course, I knew that I had all the abilities to manage the players in my orchestra and create the most beautiful inner harmony possible." ~ Ann

Radical Inner Harmony helped me to understand myself at a deeper level and accept myself, both the positive and ‘negative’ parts! It has also given me the confidence to express myself as a writer. I would very much recommend this course. I tell many people about it and ask them to try it out for themselves.” ~ Sue

Jill is very encouraging and engaging; the course is tons of fun, the camaraderie is amazing, and I have nothing but positive things to say about both of the Holistic Journaling courses I have taken with Jill.”  ~ Noor


“Radical Inner Harmony was very nourishing! This course provided me with a new level of awareness of and power to choose who’s running my 'internal scripts'. Thanks to what I learned & experienced, it’s now much easier to detach from negative thoughts, and even to stop a negative downward spiral. I can now correctly attribute them to a particular part of my personality (as opposed to identifying my entire Self as that one voice). In addition to the journaling, I also loved the read-arounds and discussions that arose from them.”  
~ Isabelle

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