SelfSight, an original Holistic Journaling Ink course designed by Jill Grumbache, will instruct and inspire you to discover, explore, and harmonize all facets of your unique personality (sometimes called subpersonalities). This process course provides very useful benefits and facilitates growth toward your highest potential and most authentic Self.  


This is a journaling adventure that offers you enlightening insight into your Self. It's founded in the belief that Self-awareness and the cultivation of inner harmony are invaluable tools for personal growth and, ultimately, for our world.


The importance of understanding the Self: To know, understand, and accept your Self is to have ultimate freedom. It sets you free to be your best you, to tap into untold inner resources, and to experience everything around you from a new, illuminated perspective.

"  SelfSight provided me with information, knowledge, and a plan of action that brought me to a better understanding and acceptance of the “authentic me”. When I started the classes in this series with you, I was unsure of who could be the "conductor" of my "inner orchestra". By the end of the course, I knew that I had all the abilities to manage the players in my orchestra, and create the most beautiful inner harmony possible. I sincerely thank you, Jill for allowing me this liberating understanding of ME. I feel very empowered from this course. I would definitely recommend this course and add that Jill is a caring, dedicated instructor who truly will lead anyone down the path to a liberating view of themselves.  "  ~Annila

"  SelfSight was very nourishing! This course provided me with a new level of awareness of--and power to choose--who's running my "internal scripts". Thanks to what I learned & experienced, it's now much easier to detach from negative thoughts, and even to stop the negative downward spiral, as I can now attribute them correctly to a particular part of my personality (as opposed to identify my entire self as that one voice). In addition to the journaling, I also loved the read-arounds and discussions that arose from them.  " ~ Isabelle


"  SelfSight helped me to understand myself at a deeper level and accept myself, both the positive and "negative" parts! It has also given me the confidence to express myself as a writer. I would very much recommend this course. I tell many people about it and ask them to try it out for themselves.


Jill is very encouraging and engaging; the course is tons of fun, the camaraderie is amazing, and I have nothing but positive things to say about both of the Holistic Journaling courses I have taken with Jill.  "   ~ Noor

"  I really enjoyed the course so much and would love to continue doing this work with you in future courses you offer! I really liked the format of reading material that fueled reflection and journaling. I hope you'll consider turning this course into a book too - I can easily see how it could make for a really cool addition to any book club!  "  ~ Beth