huh?  Why do I need a course to


HJI courses and workshops provide you with an abundance of journaling techniques. They also help you learn, understand, and reap all that journaling can sow, including improved physical, mental, and emotional
health and wellness, and unconditional life-support.

In group classes, the natural interaction & deep connections

made within the journaling circle

are deeply enriching.

In private, individual courses or workshops, you can focus on
your own specific needs and goals.


When you know how to get the most out of journaling and take the time to do it,

the benefits are mind-boggling. They include:

  • Positive self-growth

  • Profound insights

  • A calming heart/mind balance 

  • Improved mental, emotional, & physical well-being

  • New abilities to better manage stress

  • Increased inner harmony

  • An infinite history of You