HJI Women's Wellness & Knowledge Series

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Holistic Journaling, Ink (HJI) is dedicated to the wellness and knowledge of women. That's why we bring you this inspiring information series of diverse speakers who address women's issues & topics of interest. For each series, we are proud to partner with & donate to grassroots non-profit organizations that support people, community, and also bring positive change to our world. 
During each Chapter of the series, a journaling tip or technique relating to the topic will be provided.
See reviews on past presentations below.
  • CHAPTER TWO - April 18   
    Book presentation and group discussion: Finding Meaning in the  Second Half of Your Life by James Hollis, presented by Jill Grumbache

  • We all want happiness, want to feel fulfilled, useful and valued. The second half of life (40+) often brings new challenges in the female life journey; sometimes we discover the road map we’ve been using doesn’t apply anymore – or didn’t lead to the destination we were hoping for. However, Hollis tells us that this is the beginning, the beginning of wisdom.

  • Discover the 'how-to'  of navigating the second half of life that this book offers and take part in a lively, in-depth discussion on staying relevant while ageing in a society of ageism. This workshop and group-discussion have garnered much applause.

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  • CHAPTER THREE - May 2       
Essential Oils for Women's Health & Wellness by Sue Rich
  • Sue Rich is passionate about helping people find natural solutions to their everyday health needs. After discovering essential oils she knew she had the perfect tools and began her career as an essential oil educator and wellness advocate.

  • Find natural solutions using essential oils for your everyday healthcare needs. Learn how to balance hormones, get more energy, sleep better, move better and feel better over all. 

Chalet Bellevue
27 Rue Bellevue,
Morin-Heights, QC J0R 1H0
10 a.m. to noon
A portion of the proceeds from this series will be donated to the
Laurentian Cancer Support Group
$15.00 per Chapter
Pay at the door by cash or check.
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  • CHAPTER FOUR - May 16     

Natural Wellness Therapies & Help for Pain by Jodi Duplisea

  • Jodie has been working in the health field for many years, volunteering in hospitals and rehab centers since she was a teenager.  She began her health career at the Public Health Department in Montreal in 1997, conducting research and policy reforms. Preferring a 'hands-on approach,' she left the department in 2000 and began working as a natural health therapist, which she has been doing ever since. Jodi is founder and owner of Le Temple D'O.


  • During this chapter of the HJI Women's Wellness & Knowledge Series, enjoy an interactive experience that includes breath work, meditation, and light yoga to free yourself of pain and find your optimal health.
  • CHAPTER FIVE - May 30

Ayurveda Medicine & Women's Health by Lynne Taillefer

  • Lynne holds the strong belief that you must be the change you desire to see in the world. So, first and foremost Lynne considers herself a student before being a teacher. Her therapeutic approach is simple, gentle, precise, and deep, allowing every student to explore their physical, mental, or energy-based (including one’s intuition) natural strengths and limitations. Lynne’s yoga and the age-old Ayurveda medicine teachings help you easily access that playful and wondrous joy and freedom that lives within.


  • CHAPTER SIX - June 13

Women: Menopause, Aging, and Sexuality  by Leslie Wartman

  • ​​Leslie is a mother of ten, grandmother, two-time cancer survivor, and an habitué of menopause and its’ symptoms. After being either ignored or 'dismissed' by her doctor every time she asked a question regarding the symptoms and side effects of menopause, especially regarding sexuality, she decided that someone had to talk. She made it a goal to research the subject thoroughly and talk to as many women as possible about what we live as we journey through menopause and beyond.


  • Leslie's 'let's lift the lid on this topic' presentation has garnered rave reviews! Hear (anonymous) true-life stories about the frustration around women often not being taken seriously by our medical community, and take part in a frank, real, open discussion about menopause, ageing, and sexuality. 
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Past presentations and reviews

  • CHAPTER ONE - April 4
Mindfulness & Meditation for Women by Marco Vinicio Castillo  MA, ND
  • The Western-world of mental health has been catching up with the long-known Eastern belief: the paramount importance of incorporating forms of spirituality into self-care, wellness, and therapy. This helps not just our minds and emotions but also connects us to something greater than ourselves. 

  • Marco's moving interactive presentation helps us understand how the use of mindfulness and meditation relates to, eases, and enriches the female life journey. 


Attendee reviews:

"Inspiring! I would recommend attending this presentation."


"A very knowledgable and kind teacher with very positive energy."


"I enjoyed interacting with other attendees."


"He helped me see the largeness of this mysterious subject and understand conscious awareness."


"Practical and good tips on both theory and practice."


"Informative. Provided a good understanding of meditation whether you are new to it or experienced."


"This really opened my mind!"