Life is hard.
Journaling makes it easier...
Holistic Journaling makes both a better, richer experience.


Journaling is a powerful, positive, life- and health-management tool, whether you have minutes or hours to get inky.

Get excited, intrigued, and inspired—and learn fresh ways to see your Self & the world around you.

About Holistic Journaling

Holistic Journaling Ink (HJI) offers you important & fascinating new insights into journaling, and your Self.

Learn how journaling is easily accessible & invaluable - how it can heal, and how it can work with neuroplasticity to help you rewire your brain for greater optimism, positivity, and happiness.

All of my offerings give new meaning—and provide a whole new experience—in journaling.

HJI also collaborates with counsellors, clinicians, and psychologists, to support their clients by teaching them effective journaling techniques.
Please contact me to arrange an affiliation.


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Inkspiration Programs


A live speaker-series & welcoming community.
Meet incredible women, gain a greater understanding of Self & mental, emotional, and physical well-being, plus journaling!


HJI Book ReviewInk

Reviewing fascinating books and exploring through journal prompts.



Holding space for you to journal in community.


~ Courses | On-site & Online

~ Workshops | Day & Weekend

~ Private Sessions​​​

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You will get so much outof them. I promi
"After searching for some 50 years, it was a technique I learned in Jill's journaling course that helped me finally discover my life's meaning. My future is brighter than ever before." 

Great Question!

Everyone can journal, thank goodness! But most people don't realize just how MUCH you can gain from journaling for your overall physical and mental health - even when you only journal sporadically.

And, this is empirically proven.

"Coming to class and discovering that others were on a similar journey of self-discovery was absolutely inspiring. I learned something new about myself in every single class."