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About Holistic Journaling Courses & Programs

All of Holistic Journaling's programs & courses are designed for women.


They are best experienced in community because of the magic and connections inherent to Journaling Circles.

The ultimate mission of every course, in addition to all of the benefits you'll derive from journaling, is to cultivate in you deeper self-awareness and self-love.


Programs are offered regularly in quarters: September-November, January-March, and April-June. You can attend by purchasing individual episodes, or purchase quarterly or annual membership to any program or combination of programs.

Courses are offered periodically live online. The minimum number of participants for any course is 6 women, if you have a group of 6 or more who would like to take any HJ course, please contact Jill about scheduling.


If you would like to be kept informed

about guests, topics, and dates, please request to be on our mailing list. 

Jill Grumbache
In discussion with HJ Founder, Jill Grumbache

"Journaling has so many empirically proven benefits for us - mind, body, and spirit. I believe it deserves to be on par with yoga and meditation. It's not yet fully recognized as being in that league, but it definitely should be. What an awesome triumvirate to help us navigate life, achieve and maintain wellness, and live consciously!


Reams of data also prove the abundance of journaling's natural healing properties for our mental, emotional, & physical health. This is why I named my practice Holistic Journaling. 


I want this endeavour to be part of the existing journaling movement that is working hard to bring journaling to the place it deserves in people's consciousness & everyday life. 


Ultimately, I believe journaling teaches people to be more compassionate toward themselves, which means they will be more compassionate toward others. Therefore, I think journaling plays an important role in making our world a better, kinder place to be."

Currently bubbling up from Jill's inkpot...


Jill has many projects in the works! (NOTE: Being rather ADD, I'm perpetually jumping all over the place. LOL)


At the top of her project list is a new workbook that will help women process all of the emotions inherent in experiencing trauma. It's based on the healing power of telling your story and will be available (at a modest price) on this website this year.


Next is the first edition of a book series Jill has dreamed about doing for years, NudgeNudge Series. Watch for NudgeNudge For Mindful New Mothers that will be available on Amazon in the coming months.


Another exciting announcement is that Jill has been invited by Kathleen Adams to be a faculty member of Journalversity. The first course Jill will make available there is Radical Inner Harmony. Our goal is to be up and running within a few months. Stay tuned. 


More original HJI Courses are also being inked - so stay tuned!


Now, that's an inkpot that runneth over - and lots of reasons to keep an eye on and keep in touch with Jill & Holistic Journaling!

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