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-  Private Beneficial Journaling Consultations
Affiliation Program for Psychologists, Counsellors, Coaches


Private Beneficial Journaling Consultations

Being in a journaling circle or community is magical, but sometimes you need more privacy to discuss things you’re going through and want to sort out. Jill understands. That’s why she offers women 30- and 60-minute private journaling consultations. 

Jill will listen attentively, sense your concerns, and work with you to determine your needs. She then designs personalized journaling techniques and prompts that can help encourage and support you with the goal of helping you process what you’re experiencing.

(See a client testimonial below.)

Private Beneficial Journaling Consultion
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" I chose to have private consultations with Jill to help me process and make sense of my emotions related to some personal struggles.


Jill listened to me and was sensitive to my needs. She was gracious in her understanding of the emotions that came up while journaling and encouraged me not to give up, even when it was difficult for me.


I was able to share what I wanted to accomplish during our consultations. Hearing and understanding me, Jill developed goals for us and aligned different journaling techniques to accomplish my goals.


When I was struggling to write, Jill provided the gentle “nudge” or additional prompt I needed to proceed, or listened attentively when I needed to talk through my “block.”


I am so thankful for the gift I gave myself, as my private sessions with Jill have allowed me to make my journaling more effective in processing my thoughts, feelings, and emotions.


Jill imparts her wisdom and guidance for developing a journaling practice with kindness and compassion and, for that, I am incredibly grateful. "

~  T.L.

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Affiliation Programs

As a Beneficial Journaling Educator, Certified Journaling Facilitator, ​Emotional Intelligence Coach, and Communications Specialist with almost two decades of experience, Jill offers an affiliation program/collaboration with psychologists, counsellors, and coaches. 


Jill collaborates with you and helps support your goals and your clients' by designing and teaching individualized, effective journaling techniques and prompts.


Please contact Jill to learn more and

arrange an affiliation.

Affiliate Program
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