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What does 'letting go' really mean?' Why is it an imperative life skill? And, how do you genuinely do it?

How do we let go of things like life crippling self-judgment, anger, guilt,

outdated beliefs, relationships, and long-term negative emotions from traumatic life events?

This course provides a process through journaling to help you let go,

stop sacrificing yourself, and learn to be true to your Self.

Hallelujah! You CAN feel lighter, more alive.

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“If you let go a little, you will have a little peace.

If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace.”

~ Thai meditation master Ajahn Chah

When we hold on to things that no longer serve us like emotions about adverse life events, harmful relationships (including with our Self), or outdated concepts and beliefs, we create hefty soul-baggage. This baggage barricades us from our authentic Self. We essentially become prisoners of our past, a hostage in our own skin. 

But, how do we let go of our mental and emotional litter when “letting go” is such an abstract concept?

Hallelujah! Letting Go, created by and exclusive to Holistic Journaling, teaches you a journaling methodology you can use for the rest of your life to recognize and excavate your soul-baggage, and release it once and for all.

You’ll learn how to jettison things like crippling self-judgment, debilitating anger, useless guilt, overwhelming anxiety, hidden expectations, outdated beliefs, the residual emotions of past relationships, and irrational worries.


Using the therapeutic powers of journaling, Hallelujah! Letting Go, will provide you profound insights, help you let go, and liberate your true Self.


You CAN feel lighter, more alive.

Hallalujah! Letting Go will help you:


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"  This is a very good course. I gained a lot of insight into my emotions. For me this was particularly important when it came to anger and fear. The knowledge that I acquired, along with the journaling techniques we used, helped me a great deal in letting go of the effects of the traumas that I suffered in my life.  "  

~  Rosemary 


"The depth of research that was done and presented on each topic during the course was very impressive. It was so relevant and relatable to our lives. Each week my brain was doing gymnastics, trying to re-boot the system and integrate the wonderful, thought-provoking knowledge that you, Jill, had to share with us. This course was more than I could ever have imagined."  ~ Natalie

This is journaling for the soul! I gained so much personal insight from Hallelujah! Letting Go!. I can now truly say that I have an expanded worldview and new perspectives about life that have allowed me to realize personal growth & further develop into a bigger, better, and more `whole` human being."  

~ Sue

"The topics covered in this course were just amazing. What I learned & realized is all the crap I could let go of and how to do it - especially, for me, regarding anger and expectations!


But, this course is about more than letting go; it delves into the exploration of self and why we do the things we do, such as our motivations. It gave me so much food for thought! My journaling & my life will be much richer for having taken this course."  ~ Krista

White Feather


Jill is very encouraging and engaging; the course is tons of fun, the camaraderie is amazing, and I have nothing but positive things to say about both of the Holistic Journaling courses I have taken with Jill.”  ~ Noor

“SelfSight was very nourishing! This course provided me with a new level of awareness of--and power to choose--who’s running my 'internal scripts'.Thanks to what I learned & experienced, it’s now much easier to detach from negative thoughts, and even to stop the negative downward spiral, as I can now attribute them correctly to a particular part of my personality (as opposed to identify my entire Self as that one voice). In addition to the journaling, I also loved the read-arounds and discussions that arose from them.”  ~ Isabelle

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