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Nourish Your Self

Monday and Friday mornings
7:30 - 8:15 (EST)
8:30 - 9:15 (EST)
7:00 - 7:45 EST (Pacific Time)

A fruitful journaling circle of compassionate women who Zoom together on Monday and Friday mornings. We kick off and end our week with self-care, and gain a little more sanity during these challenging times!

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Deborah Ross,

Co-Author of Your Brain On Ink

"I had the glowing realization of how important this (Morningtides) has become for me. I now rearrange things to make sure I can always attend."

Regular journaling is proven to:

  • Reduce your stress and anxiety

  • Strengthen your memory & brain function

  • Improve your immune function

  • Enhance your emotional intelligence

  • Help you to sort out problems and issues

  • Provide you with new perspectives

  • Increase your positivity




How to journal to support your mental, physical, and soulful health.

How to ensure your journaling is safe, productive, and healing.

To elevate your mood and outlook on life.

How journaling can rewire your brain for more positivity.

30+ journaling techniques.



30-minutes on Monday and Friday mornings

at 7:30 and 10:00 EST  |  LIVE on ZOOM 

  • 1-2 minute opening meditation to centre and set intentions

  • Journaling prompt selection (10 session)
  • Tips on journaling safely, effectively, & productively

  • In your absence, prompts and tips will be forwarded to you following the program

  • 20-25 minutes of journaling time

  • Throughout the year, you'll learn 30+ journaling techniques

  • 15 bonus minutes weekly for group discussion or additional journaling time

  • Book and journaling resource recommendations

  • A PRIVATE and SAFE and CARING journaling circle community

Led by Jill Grumbache, Founder of Holistic Journaling Ink -
Certified journaling Instructor (CJI) - Beneficial-Journaling Educator - Emotional Intelligence Coach

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$43 per month quarterly

$34 per month annually (3 quarters)

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Morningtides Registration

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"I must thank Jill for
being such an incredible listener, motivator, and facilitator.

~ Louise

Thanks to Jill, I am journaling much more consistently and feel happier."
~ Angi

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