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Note: This is my daughter & best friend overlooking Lake Titicaca, which straddles the border between Peru and Bolivia in the Andes Mountains.

I couldn't think of a better image to represent discovery, knowledge, and well-being. They also journaled throughout their adventure!


The speaker series dedicated to

Knowledge, Wellbeing, & Journaling

for Women

  • Gain a greater understanding of topics related to women's mental, emotional, and physical well-being. 


  • Gain a greater understanding of your SELF.


  • Learn about and practice the accessible and profound life tool, journaling.

Hosted by Holistic Journaling's founder, Jill Grumbache, the Understandink introduces and connects you to

fascinating women, each expert in their fields.


Meet, hear, and chat with best-selling authors, psychologists, Olympians, life coaches, neuroscientists, journal therapists, yoga instructors, pain care experts, mindfulness coaches, journalists, and more.

 Each episode also offers

relative prompts & time for you to journal.



Live, Online

Four times per month: See our calendar


Visit our Past Speaker Section
and see the amazing women who've been our guests!
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Thank you very much for sessions that are well organized and interesting.

They provide me with a time to be centered and focussed on what's really important.

I appreciate it!

Photo by Katherine Chase on Unsplash.jpg

I love being a part of this. You have created a wonderful service for people to learn how to connect to themselves, their emotions, and their inner thoughts.

It has helped me a great deal and I am always encouraging others to join us! 

Photo by Katherine Chase on Unsplash.jpg

I  look forward to every episode and the wonderful JAT4W group of inspiring, strong , and wise women. There are many negatives in our lives, especially  during this pandemic.  This community has kept my heart open to accepting of the positive, to gratitude , to kindness , to clarity ,  and  to Self .

Wednesday - March 15, 2023 | 7pm EST

Curiosity Journaling

With special guest, Deborah Ross


What makes you curious? How do you become curious? What are you curious about? How does curiosity impact your brain - and your life? Deborah Ross, co-author of Your Brain On Ink, takes us on an exploration of curiosity and its effects on our lives and our journaling.

Deborah Ross, M.A., LPC, CJT

Deborah retired from her private counseling practice at the end of 2015 to focus on teaching journaling. She is a core faculty member at the Therapeutic Writing Institute. 


Ross offers in-person workshops, writing groups, and private instruction in Virginia/ Washington DC metro area.


Informed by her studies with Dr. Dan Siegel, founder of the Mindsight Institute,  she creates workshops for cancer patients and those who've had a traumatic brain injury.  Deborah also creates workshops for the communities she serves and is the founder of the Your Brain on Ink journaling method to engage the brain in self-directed neuroplasticity.


As co-author with Kathleen Adams of Your Brain on Ink: Neuroplasticity and the Journal Ladder (2016), Deborah likes to invite people to explore the power of writing with the brain in mind. Students consistently report that this knowledge makes their writing more powerful, healing and fun.

Wednesday - March 22, 2023 | 7pm EST

The Super Highway Gateway to You - Everyone wants to know the secret!

Special Guest, author Lisa J. Weiss

Lisa J. Weiss Wall cropped .jpeg
Book Cover.jpg

Lisa J. Weiss, Author of Breath Sensations Words, presents The Super Highway Gateway to You Everyone wants to know the secret.

Breath - the elixir to life
Sensations - the invitation for curiosity
Words - reflections of our expressions of self

Join us for this interactive, experiential conversation where you will discover how they work together to shape who we believe ourselves to be.

To go deeper into the conversation consider purchasing Lisa's recently published book,
Breath Sensations Words prior to this episode of Understandink and bring your questions.

About Breath Sensations Words:

A compelling new perspective on how to move from feeling alone, stressed and misunderstood. Discover a new approach to shift how you breathe, think, speak and choose differently from what's not working into what will work for you.

Breath is the elixir of life. Do you notice you hold your breath a lot?

Sensations are invitations to ignite curiosity. Do you feel your body has betrayed you?

Words determine how we communicate and move through our world. How often do you wish you could be better understood?

This book is an introduction to how you can use breath to change your state of being; how your body gives you clues to what needs to change in your life, and how the words you speak determine how you see and experience your world. They all work together for you to notice, consider, and make different choices which helps you to figure out what you really want. This is a way to SHIFT, TRANSFORM and EVOLVE your world your way!

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