Note: This is my daughter & best friend overlooking Lake Titicaca, which straddles the border between Peru and Bolivia in the Andes Mountains.

I couldn't think of a better image to represent discovery, knowledge, and well-being. They also journaled throughout their adventure!


The speaker series dedicated to

Knowledge, Wellbeing, & Journaling

for Women

  • Gain a greater understanding of topics related to women's mental, emotional, and physical well-being. 


  • Gain a greater understanding of your SELF.


  • Learn about and practice the accessible and profound life tool, journaling.

Hosted by Holistic Journaling's founder, Jill Grumbache, the Understandink speaker series introduces and connects you to fascinating women, each experts in their fields.


Meet, hear, and chat with best-selling authors, psychologists, Olympians, life coaches, neuroscientists, journal therapists, yoga instructors, pain care experts, mindfulness coaches, journalists, and more.

These experts share their knowledge & chat live with our wonderful Understandink Community. Each episode also offers relative prompts & time for you to journal.



Live, Online

Sundays at 10:00 am

Wednesday at 7:00 pm


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Thank you very much for sessions that are well organized and interesting.

They provide me with a time to be centered and focussed on what's really important.

I appreciate it!

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I love being a part of this. You have created a wonderful service for people to learn how to connect to themselves, their emotions, and their inner thoughts.

It has helped me a great deal and I am always encouraging others to join us! 

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I  look forward to every episode and the wonderful JAT4W group of inspiring, strong , and wise women. There are many negatives in our lives, especially  during this pandemic.  This community has kept my heart open to accepting of the positive, to gratitude , to kindness , to clarity ,  and  to Self .

Wed., Jan 12, 2022

Journaling and SoulCollage

Special Guest: Rosemary Landorf

Rosemary Landorf PHOTO _CROPPED_SQUARE.jpeg

We continue to learn to make Soul Collage cards and combine them with journaling techniques. 

SoulCollage is a creative and transformative process, in which you create your own personal deck of collaged cards, using your intuition and imagination. Seena Frost, a Marriage and Family Therapist in Watsonville, CA developed it by combining her passions for spirituality, psychotherapy, and creativity.

Sun., Jan 16, 2022

Supporting Grieving Friends & Loved Ones

Special Guest: Natalie Segall


Through discussion, questions, and answers, participants in this interactive, experiential program you will :


  • Learn about the process of grief

  • Clarify personal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about grief.

  • Explore personal attitudes

  • Identify interventions that are helpful to a griever

  • Identify risk factors for complicated grief


Natalie is a certified loss and grief therapist and counsellor, consultant, facilitator, and educator. 


Natalie offers counselling, support, information, and education for individuals, patients and family members, caregivers, clergy, counsellors, nurses, nursing home administrators, social workers, psychologists, physicians, funeral directors, marriage and family therapists, and all those working with a chronic or terminal illness, death, dying, grief or bereavement.


Additionally, grief and loss support groups are available through my organization, Good Grief Central.

Wed., Jan 19, 2022

Poetry as Memoir

Special Guests: Poe