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Huh? Why do I need a course to JOURNAL?

"After searching for some 50 years, it was a technique I learned in Jill's journaling course that helped me finally discover my life's meaning. My future is brighter than ever before." 

Great Question!

Everyone can journal, thank goodness! But most people don't realize how MUCH you can derive from journaling with regard to your overall physical, emotional and mental health, even when you only journal sporadically.

And, this is empirically proven.

HJ courses provide you with an abundance of journaling techniques. They also help you learn, understand, and reap all that journaling can sow, including improved physical, mental, and emotional health, and unconditional life support. In addition, the natural interaction & deep connections made within the Journaling Circle are profoundly enriching. In private, individual courses or workshops, you can focus on your own specific needs and goals.


When you know how to get the most out of journaling, the benefits are mind-boggling. They include:


  • Positive self-growth

  • Profound insights

  • A calming heart/mind balance 

  • Improved mental, emotional, & physical well-being

  • New abilities to better manage stress

  • Increased inner harmony

  • An infinite history of You

The Course List 

"Coming to class and discovering that others were on a similar journey of self-discovery was absolutely inspiring. I learned something new about myself in every single class."

About Holistic Journaling Courses

All of Holistic Journaling's courses are designed for women.

They are best experienced in community because of the magic and connections inherent to Journaling Circles.

The ultimate mission of every course, in addition to all of the benefits you'll derive from journaling, is to cultivate in you deeper self-awareness and self-love.

Courses are offered periodically live online. If you would like to be kept informed about dates, please request to be on our mailing list. The minimum number of participants for any course is 6 women, if you have a group of 6 or more who would like to take any HJ course, please contact Jill about scheduling.


Hallalujah! Letting Go!

"This is journaling for the soul! I gained so much personal insight from Hallelujah! Letting Go!. I can now truly say that I have an expanded worldview and new perspectives about life that have allowed me to realize personal growth & further develop into a bigger, better, and more `whole` human being."  

~ Sue

Radical Inner Harmony

“Radical Inner Harmony was very nourishing! This course provided me with a new level of self-awareness and the power to choose who’s running my 'internal scripts'. Thanks to what I learned & experienced, it’s now much easier to detach from negative thoughts, and even stop a negative downward spiral. I can now correctly attribute them to a particular part of my personality (as opposed to identifying my entire Self as that one voice).”  ~ Isabelle


Self-Talk Metamorphosis

Raising the volume on your Nourishing-Inner-Voice.

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