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Letting go offers us freedom. Even if the past is full of pain, letting go allows us to only focus on what is happening now, in this moment. It allows us to experience the warmth of the sun during a summer day, the care and concern of a friend that we are talking to, the melody of a piece of music that we find beautiful.
Dr Elena Touroni, Psychologist

“Letting go” is the gold ring of positive change, releasing us from the chains of the past. Intuitively, to let go means immediate relief, being unburdened, relaxing into and passing through suffering into peace and possibility. It seems ever-elusive, until it's not.

Grant Hilary Brenner MD

Letting Go through
Holistic Journaling

“If you let go a little, you will have a little peace.
If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace.”
~ Thai meditation master Ajahn Chah

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Letting go is one of the most important skills to lead a happy life. It’s a concept that’s often easier said than done, but it’s also one that can bring profound benefits to those who know how to do it, and embrace it.


When we hold on to things that don't serve us, are outdated, or harmful, this 'baggage' becomes heavy and unbearable. The psychological toll of holding on inevitably negatively affects us both physically and emotionally. In addition, this needless cargo makes it difficult to even see a way to move forward, and it makes it impossible to thrive.


This course provides you with a unique process, using holistic journaling to help you release things like life crippling self-judgment, anger, guilt, outdated beliefs, relationships, and long-term negative emotions from traumatic life events.

You will learn how to 'excavate' & understand why you may hold on to things that need to be released. Best of all, HLG empowers you with the ability to choose liberation, stop sacrificing your Self, and learn to live lighter, without guilt, and feel more alive. 

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  • Often, lying beneath the urge to feed strong feelings of anger or frustration is an attempt to reassert a sense of control.

  • If it is not strategic or rational to express one's feelings of anger, the next best option is to practice acceptance, or letting go. 

  • The practice of letting go allows people to channel their mental, emotional, and physical energy in a productive manner.

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What does 'letting go' really mean?' Why is it an imperative life skill? How do you genuinely do it? And, importantly, how do you ensure that by letting go, you aren’t simply 'burying' or ignoring something that needs to be processed to avoid latent pain or trauma?  This course answers these questions for you.

When we hold on to things that no longer serve us, such as emotions about adverse life events, harmful relationships (including with our Self), or outdated concepts and beliefs, we create hefty soul-baggage. This baggage barricades us from our authentic Self. We essentially become prisoners of our past, a hostage in our own skin. 

Hallelujah! Letting Go Through Holistic Journaling, created by and exclusive to Holistic Journaling, teaches you a journaling methodology you can use for the rest of your life. You will know how to recognize and excavate your soul-baggage, and release it once and for all.

You will also learn to let go of things that are positive that have come to and end and how to take the lessons & love with you and move on.


Using the therapeutic powers of journaling, Hallelujah! Letting Go Through Holistic Journaling, will provide you profound insights, help you let go, and liberate your true Self.


You CAN feel lighter, more alive.

HLG Course Description
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Image by Ankush Minda

what people are saying about Hallelujah! Letting Go!

"The depth of research that was done and presented on each topic during the course was very impressive. It was so relevant and relatable to our lives. Each week my brain was doing gymnastics, trying to re-boot the system and integrate the wonderful, thought-provoking knowledge that you, Jill, had to share with us. This course was more than I could ever have imagined."  


~ Natalie

benefits to you
this course can help you:

  • Free yourself from negative emotions and psychological baggage.

  • Regulate your feelings more effectively.


  • Improve both mental and physical health.


  • Focus on the present and create a positive future.

  • Channel your mental, emotional, and physical energy in a productive manner.

  • Redirect your efforts towards things that will bring you joy, fulfillment, and purpose.

  • Let go of negative thoughts, emotions, and patterns.

  • Improve your resilience to deal with adverse life events.

  • Gain the ability to observe your mind and develop a certain curiosity about experiences, rather than take all of your thoughts and feelings to be ‘the truth’.

  • Stop ruminating on painful experiences.​​

  • Feel less anxiety, stress, and hostility.

  • Experience fewer symptoms of depression.

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course details

Letting go is one of the most important skills to lead a happy life. It’s a concept that’s often easier said than done, but it’s also one that can bring profound benefits to those who know how to do it, and embrace it.

  • An 8-week course

  • 2024: April 7th thru May 26th

  • Sunday mornings - 9:00 to 10:30a EST

  • Live via Zoom

  • COST: $780 CND

  • Pay in Full or use the monthly payment plan

HLG Details
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