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"A nationally known therapist provides a powerful tool for better living--a step-by-step method to personal growth, creative expression, and career enhancement through journal writing." 
~ Amazon

Kathleen (Kay) Adams LPC is a best-selling author, speaker, psychotherapist and visionary. Her first book, Journal to the Self, is a classic that has helped define the field of journal therapy.

In an poll, Kathleen Adams was listed (with Anais Nin and Anne Frank) as one of the three most significant influences on contemporary journal keeping.

Journal to the Self®

Learn how to journal beneficially for whole wellness with 22 journaling techniques.

The Journal to the Self® course is a 8 week (12-hour) course on how to keep a journal for personal growth, creative expression, and life enrichment. It's a perfect course for both beginner or seasoned journalers to learn techniques and gain enthusiasm for your journal


It was created in 1985 by Kathleen Adams LPC, PTR, Director of the Center for Journal Therapy, Inc., and internationally known pioneer and expert in the power of writing to heal.


The early years of the what Kay then called a workshop, formed the research base for her best-selling book, Journal to the Self: Twenty-Two Paths to Personal Growth. Kay than went on to certify instructors to teach this course, training them herself. Now, more than 100,000 people around the globe have learned this easy, effective, empowering model of journal keeping through the Journal to the Self method.


The workshop is adaptable to nearly any population, across the life span, and to nearly any special interest group. It is now taught by a network of Certified Instructors throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Pacifica. 


Only a handful of people are certified to teach this course in Canada. This select group of instructors includes Jill Grumbache, founder of Holistic Journaling.

This course will help you discover the revelation of journaling or deepen & enhance the benefits of your current practice. You will learn & test-drive remarkable journaling techniques empirically proven to positively affect the health & wellness of your mind, body, and spirit.

Mindfulness techniques & guided meditations will enhance your journaling throughout the day.

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what people are saying about Radical Inner Harmony Journaling

"What I liked was how the course debunked a number of misconceptions about journaling. I liked the choices and variety of journal writing styles and approaches.  I will recommend it to others."

~ Joyce

"The course was more informative & dynamic than I could have expected; it made me more connected to myself and my needs. I have thoroughly enjoyed the class & feel lighter and enlightened."

~ Binesha

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Truly one of the very best life-tools, journal writing is holistic in its very nature—proven to positively your physical health as well as your emotional wellness.

You'll be astonished at what appears at the end of your pen as you gift yourself this time & learn up to 22 impactful journaling techniques.


Gain insight into your present, past, and future; de-stress; recognize synchronicity; address issues; get organized; improve memory, and have fun!!


In addition, you'll experience the magical camaraderie that always happens among journalers!


No worries, no writing or creative skills necessary.

JTTS Description


this course will help you...

  • remove any fears or doubts about journaling


  • have more ideas about what and how to journal

  • journal beneficially in just 5-minutes, or for hours

  • make your journal your trusted confidant

  • uncover subconscious thoughts and feelings that are impacting your life

  • journal more regularly

  • let steam out of your emotional teapot

  • calm anxiety 

  • gain deep self-compassion.

  • have a better understanding of yourself, people around you, and your relationships

  • simplify complex situations and feelings


course details

Pre-requisite:  None

Duration:  8 weeks / 1.5 hours per

Maximum Participation:   10 participants

Live, online via Zoom


JTTS details
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