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Expressive Art Journaling

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There are more fun, creative, and meaningful ways to express ourselves in our journals than by using only our words...


Expressive Art Journaling can contributes greatly to your mental and emotional health - and your physical health too!  In addition, it can be a liberating, healing, and a soul-fulfilling experience.


Inexpensive, enjoyable, and beneficial holistic self-care.

If you aren't into 'words' or don't know how or what to write in a journal - THIS Expressive Art Journaling program is for you.

And don't worry - you don't have to be an artist or a writer!

Image by Anna Kolosyuk

L.K. Ludwig

author of

Creative Wildfire,

An Introduction to Art Journaling

“When I discovered books as a surface to receive image, color, line, shape, and words... being able to speak like this in a journal was transformational for me - like catching fire. Like a wildfire, but far kinder.”
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course details

Art Journaling is a powerful container for life’s experiences and transitions.

  • An 8-week course

  • 2023: September 10th thru October 29th

  • Sunday mornings - 9:00 to 10:30a EST

  • COST: $650 CND

  • You will need to provide all of your own materials

  • Pay in Full or use the monthly payment plan

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what you'll learn & experience

We'll use experiential and interactive learning during our Live Zoom classes!

  • The basics of art journaling and word journaling.

  • Color psychology and expression

  • How to create:

    • photography journals

    • collage journals

    • drawing & painting journals

    • doodle journals (including Zen doodling)

  • Ten text journal writing techniques that can accompany and enhance your expressive art journals. 

  • Meet and talk with authors, experts, and psychologists in the field of art and visual journaling.​

​And we'll do it all in the magic that is a community journaling circle!

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benefits to you

The benefits of Expressive Art Journaling are vast and varied, and will help you to:

  1. Boost your self-esteem & confidence

  2. Experience the freedom of artistic expression, with no limitations.

  3. Gain the ability to make art every day, without feeling overwhelmed or pressured.

  4. Connect with other creative souls.

  5. Take the opportunity to dive deep into yourself & express your emotions and thoughts in a carefree and artful way.

  6. Learn what's holding you back—and what inspires you

  7. Preserve memories and moments explicitly

  8. Experience positive brain change through positive journaling

  9. Help you navigate life transitions

  10. Allow you to better envision your future and perceive your past

  11. Process difficult events and emotions

  12. Work through emotional struggles

  13. Connect with your innermost thoughts and feelings

  14. Create a visual record of your life journey

  15. You get to break the rules

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Tell your story your way

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"Once I started to study art therapy and psychology, my view of visual journaling changed... I redirected my journals toward the inner worlds of imagination and often to what was just below the surface of awareness—an implicit knowing that contains more than what can be put into words.

It also became a life-long process of learning through what is historically referred to as a reflective practice; in other words,

it became a way of using art and journaling to manifest what is just below the surface in order to deepen meaning and understanding."


Cathy Malchiodi PhD, LPCC, LPAT, ATR-BC, REAT

Arts and Health


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Expression is key to your well being

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