A life changing journaling prompt: Letting Go

Sometimes letting go can happen in a conscious Flash! Snap! AHA! of recognition and release – but other (and most often) times, it’s a conscious process of chipping away at it one driblet at a time.

Today, brew a luscious cup of tea, pour a rich cup of java, or fill a sparkling glass with your favorite vino, find a comfy chair, grab some paper (or your journal!) and your favorite pen….and try this…..

1. List 10 negative things that you need to let go of. Now: 2. Write about why you need to let go; 3. What it will take  to let go; 4. How you will do it!

Pick up your pen and start chiseling today! I promise, you’ll be sooooooooooo glad you did.

Holistic Journaling courses beginning soon at Sunflower Health Center!

Photo thanks to: Power of Positivity on Facebook!

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