February needs inspiration through association.


Joel’s words to the left here are are always true – but REALLY true during this time of year. We need to get up, get out, spend time with and connect with people who inspire, challenge, delight, and renew us.

So here’s a 15 minute (or so) write for you. Grab your journals, some scratch paper, or a napkin (anything will do)…

  1.  Who is someone that you can spend time with that: inspires you, lifts you up, challenges you to be your best, makes you better, makes you feel good to be alive?

  2. How do they do this, or what about them does this for you?

  3. Is there someone you can life up today?

You can share your writes here to — pay tribute to your people! Better yet, call them now and set up a get together!

Happy Inklings Jill

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