For the Love of Lists – #2 – Pleasant Activities “Top 50”

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If you haven’t heard of it before, Pleasant Activity Scheduling is a cognitive behavioral therapy intervention used in the treatment of depression.

In its most simplistic form the concept is this: Increase happiness by doing more of the things you enjoy.

Clearly mental illness is far more complex than this as is its treatment; however, perhaps we can all benefit in some way from mindfully incorprating more of the things we enjoy into our everyday lives.

So in the spirit of pleasantness, here is my personal list of pleasant activities, in no particular order.

  1. Making a good cup of tea

  2. Bubble Baths

  3. Reading favorite Childhood stories

  4. Playing the piano

  5. Buying new stationary

  6. Writing stories

  7. Picnics

  8. Buying fresh flowers

  9. Visiting farmer’s markets

  10. Sketching

  11. Yoga

  12. Watching funny Youtube videos

  13. Trying new recipes

  14. Riding my bike

  15. Writing in a journal

  16. Blogging!

  17. Reading magazines

  18. Watching Ted Talks

  19. Singing in the shower

  20. Playing the ukulele

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