Jill’s reflections on journaling

For example, personal journaling provides a real history of our times. Imagine if Anne Frank hadn’t journaled! But, most key to why I’m honored and driven to share and teach journal writing is that I believe it is truly a vehicle and tool for social change.

Journaling unquestionably helps us become more peaceful within ourselves – more comfortable in our own skin. And, as Kay (Kathleen Adams) once said to me, ‘When people feel peaceful in their souls, they are less likely to turn to violence and war’. In addition to Kay’s wisdom and insight, I strongly believe that when we are centered & filled up within, it is much easier for us to give of ourselves to others and to our community.

We are really one people of one world; ultimately by being a support to us as individuals, journaling can help us realize this and help us to provide love, understanding, and support to one another.”

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