The battle and balance of heart and mind

In my Holistic Journaling “Journal to the Self” course, we begin each class with a 5-minute sprint. I provide participants with a “Springboard” – a food-for-thought question or quote to work from. People are always stunned at what they can write in just five minutes, invariably, it’s more than they imagined & often profound – perhaps because they get to the point more quickly!

Last night’s inspiration was, “How do you balance heart and head, or do you?” One of beautiful soul in the course gave me permission to share with you an excerpt from what she wrote:

“Only when I run my thoughts through my  heart am I able to decipher them and make proper sense of them by weighing them against my values.”

I love this.

Maybe you can use my Springboard, or the quote in the picture here to inspire you to write on this topic! Here’s a helpful link from the Power of Positivity website:

Happy Ink-lings!! Jill

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