The Kitchen Journal

Last night’s class was all about Art Journaling — and it’s when I learned about the story of the Kitchen Journal. The mission was to art journal (or collage) yourself, another person you know, a life-situation, or a dream through interesting visual representation. For instance – if you’re doing a self-portrait: What punctuation mark would you be? What color are you? What flavor of ice cream are you? What shape are you? Which animal are you? And, with a respectful nod to Ms. Walters, what tree would you be? It’s both thought and conversation provoking…and a tiny insight into the minds of artists who represent feelings, thoughts, and opinions this way visually using various mediums.

Toward the end of class one of the wonderful women there – let’s call her Sally – admitted that she’s an avid written journal and art journal maven. She began to share how she, almost accidentally, merged the two in a very meaningful way.

Years ago at the beginning of her long & loving relationship with her husband, the two of them began leaving each other notes on the

How can you not love this idea! I’m just annoyed that I didn’t think of this one years ago myself!!! My kids are grown, the generation preceding my husband and I has dwindled down to a precious few, and my house isn’t filled to the brim with people like it used to be. But, we’re only in our 50’s and there’s lots of life left. You can bet a journal is going on my kitchen counter this weekend!

Happy Inklings Jill

P.S. For those of you who might be reading this in the Montreal area, I will be running my Holistic Journaling class once again at the fabulous West Island Women’s Centre during their upcoming Spring Session. It runs one evening per week for two hours, for 10 weeks beginning the week of April 12th. Visit here for more information and to sign up:  

For those outside of the Montreal area, I also do weekend Holistic Journaling seminars and will travel to give them – I love spreading the Journaling Magic & Spirit far and wide!

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