Top 5 Journal Apps for the MAC

If you would rather have your journal on your desktop or laptop instead of smartphone, tablet or browser, there are some amazing options these days. If Mac is your flavor of choice, you now have the ability to browse through (relatively) new Mac App Store and find the journal that looks best for you. Better yet, I’ve browsed through it for you and narrowed them down to the best 5 Mac journals and diaries that your money can buy.

As you read these summaries and research more details in the actual App Store, remember these important features you need to look for in an eJournal that you can settle down with: password lock, picture insert, Dropbox or other cloud integration. There are more, obviously, but these are essential features that I wouldn’t go without.

Featured at Easy Journaling several times, Day One is the premier

choice for many a
Day One - Bloom Built, LLC
id eJournalers. Not only is the powerful Mac version able to do many things including Dropbox and iCloud backup, calendar view and export, but there are equally beautiful iPhone and iPad apps that sync with it. They have been promising pictures for a long time, but hopefully that will be added eventually along with encryption (a fact that kind of bothers me).

While not as aesthetically pleasing as Day One, MiJournal incl

des a bunch of intui
MiJournal - GOTOES.ORG
ive features such as drag and drop pictures and videos, picture resize and instantaneous search. Also included is Dropbox integration (or the ability to store your journal anywhere you would like), password and encryption protection and unlimited entries.

This simple di

ry boasts the simple and elegant way that it treats your entries wit
Diary - The most simple and elegant way to keep a journal. - Michael Göbel
an emphasis on photo storage and display. You can view your pictures or videos in quick view or fullscreen and add as many as you want. You can also record videos directly from an entry with your webcam. You can import from Word documents and export your entries as well. Dropbox and iDisk backup is supported.

4. Mémoires– $14.99

This journal doesn’t have the looks of Diary or Day One but it

acks in some exclus
Mémoires - Coding Robots
ve features you won’t find anywhere else. These include export to PDF, quick drawings and doodles right in your entries and diary printing. I don’t think Dropbox or Evernote backup is included, but Time Machine is which works with the autosave feature. Memoires also allows you to add pictures, fixes your grammar and spelling and encrypts your data. Oh, and this handy journal also had a shootout recently on Easy Journaling by a satisfied customer.

If you like your journals or diaries to have the look of a cle

n planner, iReminisc
iReminisce - Lomation
is probably the best option for you. The dashboard is setup so that you can write your entry and still see the calendar and entry view as well as your photos. You can color code categories and change up the font as well as including your daily mood with your entries. It would be nice to see Dropbox support.

I’m a little torn on MacJournal. Any list of Mac journals

wouldn’t be complete with
MacJournal - Mariner Software
ut it because it has become such a mainstay in the industry. The features it boasts include almost anything you can think of  and many you don’t know exist. Just like Day One, MacJournal apps for the iPhone and iPad sync with the Mac version, which is awesome.

All that being said, however, you really have to be in love with what it offers to spend $40 on it when there are similar, if not better, options for a fraction of the cost. And I also tried the iPhone version and wasn’t impressed. So, in short, know that it exists, but I’m not recommending it.

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