“It is virtually impossible to write a journal and not discover more about yourself” Stephanie Dowrick


Benefits of Journaling

Probably one of the most common reports from people who write journals is that the act of putting thought and feelings on paper helps give useful emotional and mental clarity. However, there is scientific evidence that the relief that comes from writing things down is more than just psychological.

Dr. James Pennebaker, a researcher in Texas, has conducted studies that show that when people write about emotionally difficult events or feelings for just 20 minutes at a time over three or four days, their immune system functioning increases. Dr. Pennebaker’s studies indicate that the release offered by writing has a direct impact on the body’s capacity to withstand stress and fight off infection and disease.

In addition to these exciting findings – the benefits of journaling are innumerable…

  1. Tune into parts of your character and soul that you often don’t have time to focus on or enjoy  

  2. Personal growth 

  3. Take time for yourself

  4. Better navigate life transitions (relationships, jobs, aging) 

  5. Its potential as a tool for holistic mental health is unsurpassed

  6. Ensure you remember lessons and events of your lifetime

  7. Lay seeds for future insights

  8. Reach new levels of self-discovery

  9. Empowers you with problem-solving and self-processing skills

  10. One of the best mirrors for self-reflection

  11. Discover a new best friend

  12. Solve business problems

  13. Explore your creativity

  14. Heal relationships

  15. Develop your intuition

  16. Develop spontaneity 

  17. Develop self-discipline

  18. Help change bad habits

  19. Realize your own self-worth

  20. Build healthy boundaries

  21. Become more of who you really are

  22. Sort through conflict and pain

  23. Access information stored in the subconscious and unconscious mind

  24. Explore dreams

  25. Become aware of synchonicities

  26. Capture the symbolism in seemingly happenstance events

  27. Infuse your life with richness and depth

  28. Recognize your personal patterns

  29. Sooth frayed nerves and frustrated feelings

  30. Get and stay in touch with your feelings

  31. Try on new behaviours and beliefs

  32. Helps you see where you come from, where you are now, and where you’re heading

  33. Leave a history for the ages (imagine if Anne Frank hadn’t journaled!)

  34. Have fun!

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