Decisions, Decisions


Title your journal entry “Walk Away” and free write about reasons to do this and what may happen if you do, or do two columns – pros & cons, or do a list of 100 reasons to walk away. Title a second entry “Try Harder” & do the same with this write. You’ll be surprised what happens at the end of your pen – and it will most likely give you your answer!

Remember, in the end, when completely thought through – no matter your choice or decision, you are making the best one possible for you at the time and place that you are in while making it. In other words, on another day, in different circumstances, your choice or decision may be different. But you can only make a choice or decision from where you are in any given moment in time, reflecting on life’s learning thus far combined with your gut instinct.

Journaling about choices & decisions helps you stop to reflect, listen to your instincts, and be fully in the moment.

Happy Inklings! Jill

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