It's week eight of solitude. The only people that I've seen in the flesh are the brave cart-spritzers and check-out stars at the grocery stores.

My gray roots are burgeoning. I prefer to look at this Covid-Quarantine-Evidence as noticeable wisdom. The silver showing doesn't bother me too much; I've never been fussy about my hair.

I've gained six pounds. That's thanks to the Carbohydrate Festival happening in every room of my house, it's definitely creating a comfort zone. I lost my mind a couple of days ago and baked home-made bread. At least it was whole-wheat. With sunflowers. I'm worried it will mold quickly, being all-natural like; so, I have to eat at least four slices a day (with loads of butter), don't I? Anyway, I'm not too worried about that; I figure I can lose the pounds once I curb the carbs.

What I am kind of worried about - or at the very least, incredibly curious about - is the aftermath of this pandemic. Will there really be any lasting effects? If so, what will they be? If not, why did this happen? The journaling-guru side of me hopes people are pausing to take stock of their lives, invest in introspection, appreciate what's positive, cultivate compassion, and spend some time inking about it. But, lots of people are just bored, worried, scared, frustrated, impatient, and worst of all, in mourning. There are 'freedom' protests happening in the United States. Seriously? Hey, if you want to get the virus, that's your perogative-but, becoming an infection of others, no, you just can't do that. It's like second-hand smoke. Don't blow your Covid-19 on me.

Last week, my oldest daughter had an interesting perspective on the post-pandemic wonderment. She said she's worried about re-integration into non-pandemic life. She and her family have gotten into the groove of being home together. They're loving the slower pace & having so much time with their young daughter. So many of us have slowed down - what's the percentage of us who are finding this pace a better way of life? Will there be an earnest attempt to hang-on to a slower, more sane pace? That's such a capitalist thought for a pandemic that's worldwide. Forgive me. Truly.

Then, there's the flip side, the heroes of the pandemic who are working themselves into exhaustion while risking their lives. Even unlikely 'everyday' heros. Will they have any vacation relief at the close of this? Or - they may get unwanted relief; I just read an article about how many of these people may be without jobs post-pandemic.

I like what I heard Michele Obama say on the Ellen Degeneres Instagram show - it was something like, during this time we're going to learn both how little we need to live and what is really important for us to have to live. I hope that's a lesson multitudes derive from this situation.

JOURNALING TIP: Having trouble journaling as much info as you might like to during this period in our history? If you journal by computer, just cut and paste the day's headlines into your day's musings. If you write by hand - just jot down a couple of them. You'll want a record of what's happening. Believe me.

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