Effective And Helpful Paths To Self-Discovery

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I believe that self-discovery is so important – and although it can at times feel self-indulgent to focus on this, a good understanding your who you are provides you the ultimate result of being able to give of your self more freely.

Not mentioned in this article is that one of the most effective methods toward self-discovery is journal writing! And, of course, I couldn’t post this article without mentioning that fact!!!

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One of the most important things a person can do in their life is to pursue a path of self-discovery. Many people spend their lives with blinders on, only focusing on what’s in front of them. Going to work, going home, watching some TV, and on and on. However, those who pursue a course of finding out both their limitations and their strengths know how this can easily open up their perception to a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities.

Very often, this happens without conscious choice. People are thrust into situations, and it forces them into introspection. These are often painful life changing events, like a divorce or breakup, the death of a loved one, or losing a job that has been held for a while. It’s one thing to be forced to look inside yourself and see what you’re made up. It’s something else entirely when you choose this on your own. If you are interested in pursuing this, there are many ways that have been effective for many people.

Traveling alone (but doing so as safely as possible!!), especially to strange places, is a great way to see what you’re made up. Many people recommend going to a country where nobody speaks your native language. This truly forces you out of your comfort zone. You must learn to deal with issues in new and different ways, as you’ve only got your skills and self-confidence to help you get through.

If taking a trip abroad isn’t the cards, there are plenty of other ways to get out of your bubble and stretch your comfort zone. Doing anything where you feel awkward and uncomfortable is a good place to start.

One way to do this would be to attend various social events alone, and force yourself to interact with as many people as possible. Getting into the habit of walking up to a stranger and introducing yourself can be terrifying for some. But when you try it a few times and realize that you aren’t going to die, you’ll learn quite a bit about yourself. Knowing you can handle intimidating situations is a great way to find out about yourself.

Another popular method of seeing what you’re made of is to practice public speaking. There are plenty of groups in most countries where you can meet a few times a month and take part. Speaking in public is the number on fear for most people, and facing your fears is an excellent way to conquer your inner demons and truly expand your horizons.

It’s easy to go through life and never test your abilities. Playing it safe might be easy, but in the long run it will keep you locked in a small box. Only by facing your fears and stretching out your comfort zone will you truly practice the art of self-discovery and see what you’re made of. Then you’ll find that you can do much more than you think you can, which means you can do a lot more than you’ve achieved. All you need to do is take that first, scary step forward, and you’ll be on your way.

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