Loss of soulmate inspires journal writing and leads to a book

The best way to start and to write a journal, for maximum health and wellness benefits, is to write with the absolute intention that: NO ONE will ever read what you write. Journaling with this unwavering intent frees you to release your truth and to keeps you from the speed-bumps and brick walls of self-editing. But every now and then – when you’re finished journaling in the ‘private’ mindset…you reread what you have penned, and realize a version of your inklings needs to be shared…. Blessings Happy Inkling, Jill 

Loss of soulmate inspires Menifee man to pen a book By Stephanie D. Schulte, on April 11, 2012, at 12:00 am

As a way to cope with the searing pain and heartache of losing Susan, he began to journal shortly after her death in February 2011.

Suddenly alone and with nobody to talk to he sat at the computer and typed his feelings out through tears and laughter.

“I started journaling with no intention of writing a book,” Duchin explained. “I have always enjoyed writing and found it is an easy way for me to express my emotions.”

In his recently published book “Not Enough of Her: Ordinary People Extraordinary Love,” the author tells the coming of age story of how cupid aimed his bow at the couple and set in motion a lifetime of love.

Like a scene out of the movie “Dirty Dancing,” they met one magical summer at a small resort hotel in upstate New York.

“I was 16 and she was 14 the summer we met,” Duchin said. “I was working as a counselor in the day camp and she feigned falling off of a merry-go-round so I would pay attention to her,” he added with a chuckle.

Before their summer vacation was over, they exchanged addresses and phone numbers and began writing letters to each other and talking on the phone.

“When I was 17 I left home to attend Boston University and we kept on writing to each other for the year I was there,” he said.

That year 85 letters were written and Duchin still has them all.

“They are very precious to me,” he said quietly.

He started sharing some of his journal entries with friends who were all moved by his stories and encouraged him to write a book.

“My dear friend and colleague from Westmont College in Santa Barbara is a brilliant English professor and offered to edit my book,” Duchin said. “He is a busy man and took the time to edit this book.”

“He teaches us how to live not in spite of, but through our deepest pain,” editor Doctor Randall VanderMay said.

Duchin holds onto his unwavering belief and faith in love through his writing and hopes readers of his book will be inspired by his life story.

“I hope that you will find something worthwhile for your own relationships as you read this collection of memories about love’s transcendent and exquisite power in the lives of two ordinary people.”

The book is available online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com. The author hopes to do book signings and readings at local bookstores.

Stephanie D. Schulte is a writer/photographer with SWRNN. She can be reached at stephanie.schulte@swrnn.com.

Article Originally published: http://www.swrnn.com/2012/04/11/loss-of-a-soulmate-inspires-menifee-man-to-pen-a-book/

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